It’s not just his giant income or the low tax rates he pays on it. And it’s not just the videotape of him berating almost half of America, or his endless gaffes, or his regressive budget policies.

It’s something that unites all of this, and connects it to the biggest underlying problem America…

Reich compares Romney to past super-rich Presidents and finds him lacking. Or to be more precise: A “sponsor” of his own class, rather than the “traitor” to it that these other Presidents were called.

It’s kind of ironic to me that Romney is releasing his 2011 tax returns in hopes that the 14% effective tax rate he paid will *quell* criticisms, not fuel them. 

Also, I think for me the problem continues to be that only releasing 2010 and 2011 returns…so only since he was a presidential candidate frontrunner…and continuing to refuse to release any others just appears shady. LIke he has something to hide.

I mean, he probably doesn’t have anything worse to hide than only paying 14% of his massive annual income (which mostly comes from capital gains and interest). But then, why risk seeming shady by not releasing?

It’s part of why his campaign seems so inept. 

Same with the 47% comment…it was just inept to conflate that 47% figure, which is a real figure with a real explanation, with what he wanted to say about “entitlements”.